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Center for World Christian Studies

A Multi-Directional Venture

“What do I need to prepare for global missionary service?”
“Why is the church growing in certain parts of the world and not in others?”
“How do I help my church understand our changing demographic as a mission field here at home?”

These actual questions represent some of the reasons why Serve Globally (a ministry priority of the Evangelical Covenant Church) and North Park Theological Seminary developed the Center for World Christian Studies (CWCS). This multi-directional venture brings the resources and connections of Serve Globally into the Seminary, and shares the resources of the Seminary with our global network of partner churches and organizations. The CWCS offers a certificate in intercultural ministry for preparation in ministry wherever one is called to serve. CWCS is also part of a larger project, developing tools that will help churches address the challenges of their changing demographics.

ICM Certificate

Recently, the Covenant Church gave a large grant to Center for World Christian Studies. These funds will help us accomplish our mission of connecting students and pastors with the resources of the denomination, the Seminary and the world in which we serve.


Through the initiatives of the CWCS, qualified leaders are brought from around the world into Seminary classrooms, some in person and some online. In cooperation with Covenant World Relief, Seminary students are given the opportunity to take courses in Africa, Asia and Latin America to learn firsthand about the ministry experiences of national leaders and missionaries. Some students stay for longer internships. Some NPTS faculty travel to teach overseas. The multi-directional movement of mission today is a very enriching experience.

Connecting Students to World Mission Opportunities

Another important reason for the CWCS is to allow Serve Globally to be more intentionally involved in the discernment process of Seminary students who are considering global ministry opportunities. Personnel directors from Serve Globally are available on campus on a regular basis to help students who are interested in discussing current opportunities in global mission service. Serve Globally can also become more aware of student needs and interests. An important component of ministry training today is connecting the right people with the right combination of gifts and abilities with appropriate ministry opportunities around the world.

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Your gifts — both prayer and financial — are important to the work of the Center. Please consider partnering with us as we connect Seminary students and Covenant churches to the work of Christ’s church all over the world.

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We are grateful for the generous support of many friends around the world, and thank you for your financial gifts as well as your prayers.

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